I only make a limited number of presses each year, so a wait may necessary.
Our range of presses, look good, retain value and give professional results guaranteed.

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Introducing a new concept for presses.
Intergated Drying Racks .
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My name is John Pears and I have worked in Engineering for
55 years , 40 of them making and designing etching presses.
In 1979 along with my brother we started Rollaco with the
intention of bringing a modern press onto the market.
A press that utelised modern concepts and technology,
the result would be an easier press to use and maintain.
We believe we acheived this, we also believe, we never
compromised on the quality of the prints it could produce.
As you ponder through my website you will see that,even
after 40 years , I am still looking to use innovation .
This creative passion puts my presses at the forefront of
what a modern press should be.
2019 will be my 40th year, making presses ,
so an anniversary Special will be on its
way sometime this year.
Update: work in progress on Two 'One off's'
Cachet Compact & Cachet Petite models.
Jan 19 - A 27yr old Rollaco Classic press and stand sold on E Bay for 1550. One owner got all their money back plus 400. So thats 27 years use free, plus a cash bonus, thats the value of a Rollaco Press.
Piccolo 25 in stock see notice board extra for details